Zelda, Inc. System Development Company for Web, Applications, and Server. Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan

"What is that your company really need?"

We are always thinking that "What is that our client really need".

In these days when the struggle for survival is so fierce, a most of IT companies are looking for how to survive themselves.
However we must not think about our immediate profit only, But we are challenging that "How to provide best thing to your company".

"The genuine system development", this is our business challenge.


2016/02/19The Future Company by imitsu(Aimitsu) interviewed us Interview article for Kinmu Navi


Realestate SEO: Incredible SEO measurement guidebook for property market

Realestate SEO: Incredible SEO measurement guidebook for property market

SEO related book specialized in the realestate website that published by our company, It's a first released in the SEO industry and realestate industry.
Do not do SEO measures for 2017 By Zelda, Inc.

Do not do SEO measures for 2017

SEO related book that published by our company. "Is this countermeasure still valid?", "What is the difference between the natural linked and the self-made perform linked?", "What is the quality content?", It will draw on the question of measures against SEO!

News Releases

2017/10/12 Written by our representative director, "Do not do SEO measures for 2017" were published
2017/10/11 Added Office SNS service in Products.
2017/09/21 This website supported mobile website.
2017/07/4 This website supported SSL(https).
2017/06/29 Added OnepaCMS in Products.
2014/03/11 Shopping mall web service "ecmall.me" were released. This website offers many products including Fashion, Electronics, Hobby, and Foods.
2010/03/2 This working management system "Kinmu Navi" were released. Joint development with Nine Hill Partners, Corp. Specially providing for Welfare facilities, Medical facilities, and various academic facilities, "Kinmu Navi" (http://k-navi.org/) were official released.